68 and Boston opens in Soho

A new wine bar and cocktail bar will open together in October to bring a fresh glint of excitement to late-night Soho. 68 and Boston is the adventurous new destination created by three leading names in nightlife, wines and cocktails:

  • Eric Yu of The Breakfast Group, whose other successful West End outlets include Opium and The Social
  • Martin Malley, co-owner of Planet of the Grapes
  • Luca Cordiglieri, formerly bar manager at China Tang at The Dorchester.

The all-day-to-night wine bar features a list of quality wines, all priced at £20 per bottle. The late night cocktail bar will offer classics and originals from £10. A bespoke menu of bar food will be created by a highly rated neighbour restaurant.

At 68 and Boston, customers can enjoy an innovative approach to wine that challenges the norm and some of London’s finest new cocktails; many will have a wine-based influence. Co-owner Eric Yu explains: “We have named the wine bar ‘68’. There are 67 wine producing nations in the world. With our wines at just £20, we want everyone to feel at ease and have fun choosing adventurously – trying regions and grape varieties that are unfamiliar to them.

68 will stretch your horizons that bit further. Upstairs, ‘Boston’ will be a loungy, late night spot with a glamorous cocktail bar ambiance. Nowhere else in Soho offers a destination like this. 68 and Boston isn’t a members’ club – simply walk in or book in. There will be plenty of reasons for regulars to return for new discoveries on our list at friendly prices, and impromptu ‘wines of the week’ tasters”.

68 – the ground floor wine bar

Expect a radical take on the concept of a traditional wine bar: wines at 68 will be modestly priced at £20 a bottle, and all will be available by the glass. Intelligent sourcing means plenty of gems from unexpected regions. Many winemakers and suppliers have responded enthusiastically to the challenge of proposing quality £20 wines. This whole new democratic approach dispels any myth that interesting wines are usually pricey. Selected by 68’s buying team in small, fast-changing batches, they have earned their place on the list for their promise of simple, sociable drinking pleasure. Wines on tap will also feature. Tasting as the winemaker intended, wines served in this way offer savings over typical bottling and are more environmentally friendly. There will also be a reserve list of specials. The wine bar has a capacity of 160, including two bookable arched booths for groups of 12 to 20.

Denise Medrano aka UK wine blogger The Wine Sleuth is one of the main hosts in 68. She is known for her knowledgeable, down-to-earth approach to enjoying wine. Her enthusiasm for tracking down every worthy new drinking spot around town is matched by her tireless travels to wine regions across the globe to meet winemakers. Quiz Denise about the many discoveries at 68 and trends in a new generation of wine drinking.

Boston – the first floor cocktail bar

The name Luca Cordiglieri will be very familiar to London’s discerning cocktail drinkers. Luca brings his impeccable experience and classy welcome from The Dorchester, and prior to that, Harvey Nichols. He is also President of the UK Bartenders’ Guild. Now at Boston, Luca creates his own ultimate new Soho space, and with head bartender, bright new name Josh Powell, they have devised a dream list of original cocktails. Expect a suave and buzzy mood with a new generation of bartenders in white tuxedos, who are expert in their profession. Certainly the prized seats are at the bar, but there are many corners to relax in, and a snug private room for up to 25.

The menu offers classic serves and a crafted list of adventurous new wine-based cocktails. Be surprised by vermouths, sherry, riesling, white port or malbec harmonizing with premium spirits and fresh housemade infusions. Here, you will find no cocktail gimmickry nor fashion-fleeting flavours. Inventive drinks shine with elegant consistency, complemented by fresh originality and energy from the bar team. Expect Manhattans and Negronis with twists and turns, and intricate punches with a myriad of layered flavours. For adventurous sipping amongst the super-premium spirits are some new expressions and limited editions. Chat with the bar team to hear their latest acquisitions. Feel the inspiration and enjoy every new taste sensation.

Bar food

A menu of high quality charcuterie and other hot and cold serves has been designed for 68 and Boston. A culinary collaboration with a neighbour restaurant offers tantalizing small plates designed to partner the wines and cocktails perfectly, from aperitif hour right up until your late night martini.

The mood

Interiors by the award-winning Kai Design and an inspired music playlist create a seamless transition from day to night. A romantic Midnight in Paris influence at 68 and Boston takes you on a nostalgic trip through post-war Britain and the heady heydays of ’50s Soho. The ground floor wine bar alludes to the cosmopolitan café culture imported from Paris – with its pavement tables, decorative ironmongery and copious silver trays. It is a quirky reference to the famed Waiters’ Race that finished in Greek Street from 1955. The glamour factor rises in the upstairs cocktail bar, where the faded decadence of Soho’s showgirls – all tassels and plush velvet – is celebrated in the private room. It is an ode to the beat writers and late night jazz makers, with its casual mid-century lines, retro print detailing and tobacco smoked leathers. Deep downstairs, playful underground parties influence the arched basement booths with their bright retro tiling and uplifting geometry.

68 and Boston
5 Greek Street, Soho
London W1D 4DD


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