Scott Hallsworth Presents Eat Me! With Millie Mackintosh

Award-winning chef Scott Hallsworth teaches passionate foodie Millie Mackintosh how to make contemporary Japanese cuisine in Scott Hallsworth Presents Eat Me! With Millie Mackintosh – a new four-part series of shows being released exclusively in partnership with YouTube.

As the former head chef of Nobu London and the founder of Kurobuta and Joe’s Oriental Diner restaurants, Scott is changing the way Japanese food is perceived, cooked and eaten. His laid back style and exceptional skill make the dishes he cooks both delicious and accessible.

Millie first sampled Scott’s food after hearing rave reviews about Kurobuta. Now she’s ready to take her appreciation several steps further by getting first hand experience of sourcing ingredients and experimenting with flavours. During the four- part series she is mentored by Scott as the pair go in search of sustainable local produce before developing restaurant-ready dishes back in the Kurobuta kitchen.


Episode 1: Meet Scott and Millie We get to know the stars of the show as Scott reveals how he fell in love with contemporary Japanese cooking and how he made an impact on the London restaurant scene. Meanwhile, Millie gives us an insight into three of her loves – fitness, fashion and, of course, food. We join her for a workout, get a sneak preview of her forthcoming fashion collection and take a seat at her favourite local health food cafe.

Episode 2: On the boat Looking for inspiration for new restaurant dishes, the pair head to the Dorset coast and join the Old Harbour Dive Centre crew on a boat in search of sustainable seafood. They also meet the UK’s only grower of fresh wasabi before Scott fires up a BBQ live on the boat and gives Millie a hands-on guide to preparing and cooking scallops, crabs and lobsters.

Episode 3: Crab Omelette: Having experimented on the boat with some simple BBQ dishes, it’s time to refine their ideas back in the kitchen in London. Their first dish is an Eastern-inspired crab omelette, made with Korean Kimchee and a spicy mayo.

Episode 4: Posh Lobster: The series climaxes with Scott giving Millie a masterclass in how to bring out the natural flavour in a freshly caught lobster. The result is dish worthy of a place on the menu in the restaurant – a dish bursting with flavour that screams Eat Me!

All four episodes are available to view now at:


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