Assistance for the U.S. Food and Beverage Industry

The restaurant industry is one that is constantly changing in the U.S. New restaurants open their doors and can be the trendiest place to be seen, but this can change within a matter of months. People in the industry continually face challenges such as getting clientele to become regulars or enticing new foodies to dine at their establishment.

Merchant Cash USA is here to help your restaurant open its doors with less financial stress. Merchant Cash USA can supply your restaurant within a week or more with the capital it needs. An advance can help with stocking inventory, financing an interior design concept, kitchen equipment costs, or hiring servers and management.

Merchant Cash USA has a more lenient criteria to qualify than banks. If you have mediocre credit, existing loans, or have been in business less than a year you may still qualify for an advance. Unlike a traditional bank loan, consideration is given to your restaurant’s size and payback abilities. If you are a small diner or a fine-dining establishment, the experts at Merchant Cash USA will structure your daily payments in a way that is suitable to your needs. Repayment is formatted on ever-changing business performance, and is personalized depending on what type of a restaurant you own and how high sales are.

“We understand that more than half of restaurants fail within their first year of business,” says the CEO of Merchant Cash USA Alex Zukovski. “We want to help change the statistic on this and give these new businesses the opportunity they truly deserve to succeed.”

About Merchant Cash USA
Merchant Cash USA was founded in 2015 to help businesses grow by obtaining the cash flow they need. The organization’s mission is to offer small to medium size business owners cash advances without the hassle of big bank requirements. Visit to find out more of follow us on social media. Facebook and Google Plus: Merchant Cash USA and Twitter: @merchcash.


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