Park Hyatt Zurich: Suites Shine with Modern Art and Restored Splendour

PHZ_Park Suite_New Bedroom

The new suites at Park Hyatt Zurich were designed by the skilled, well-regarded interior designer Janice Clausen.  They enchant with charm and unique exhibition pieces by renowned artists.

The renovation and redesign of the Park Suites in the modern architectural style of the 5-star hotel covers the creation of new, luxuriously appointed suites as well as completely refurbished interiors.  The suites, resplendent with a new look, stand out with a pleasant atmosphere and offer maximum comfort at the same time.

The exquisite furnishings in the newly opened suites are elegant, contemporary and European.  The furniture, upholstered in velvet and soft fabrics, creates an aura of indulgent individuality.  The varied bronze, cream and green shades complement the warmth of the walnut flooring and the hand-knotted wool blankets.  The carefully deployed leather and lacquered glass (both built into the woodwork) make for soft accents and reflect the light.  The furnishings also have a touch of traditional Swiss leather, shown in a modern shape and manner.

Elegant lighting with extraordinary light quality ensures warmth and a touch of glamour, with silk accents as well as polished metals.  Expansive bedroom design together with sophisticated details promise an unforgettable hotel stay.

In addition, new artworks have been incorporated into the suites.  Four pictures by the French artist Tatjana Labossiere are exhibited in suites above the comfortable sofa.  The artist, who won the second ‘Prix de Sculpture – Marnes-la Coquette’ in 2008 and was shown at the Biennale 2013, is inspired by sculpture and uses different etching techniques which combine colour and form.

The German photographer Manuela Höfer is also exhibiting three artworks in suites above the sofas.  Höfer, who studied in Prague, has already had numerous individual exhibitions in different countries across Europe.  Her photographs all have a unique style and atmosphere to them; visual evidence of nearly twenty years of experimentation.

The Swiss artist Betty Kuhn is exhibiting the wall picture ‘Flechten’.  This exclusive painting is a work of acrylic on canvas, which is inspired by the form, structure and surface of a stone plate connected to nature in the Ticino region.

Since Summer 2015, these new exhibition pieces have complemented the 91 original works of art at Park Hyatt Zurich.


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