Riedel Crystal announces new Evechen Decanter

Riedel Crystal, the 300 year-old global leader in varietal-specific glassware, announces the newest design in Riedel’s growing line of stunning mouth-blown Serpentinedecanters, the Evechen decanter, a diminutive version of the Eve decanter that was originallydesigned by Maximilian J. Riedel in 2009.


Reminiscent of a snake, Eve recalled –not unintentionally –the seduction in Paradise. Demonstrating Riedel’s pioneering role in design and functionality, Eve was the first hand-made decanter with a dual-chamberrole. This double-decanting feature ensuresthe wine is perfectly aerated whilst also served in the right quantity. Riedel was awarded a patent for this in May 2009.

Riedel is now launching the Evechen decanter, a smaller but no less seductive and functional variant of the successful Eve decanter. Hand-formed and mouth blown by glassblowers in Riedel’s factory in Tyrol, Evechen’s compact dimensions allow it to be easily stored away. Rotated once on its own axis, wine flows through the first chamber undergoing optimum aeration before the ideal quantity reaches the second chamber. This makes the act of serving wine easy as well adding to the wine tasting experience.

“I have long been fascinated by organic shapes and the flow of glass, and enjoy the creative and technical challenge of incorporating snakes into my designs,”comments Maximilian. “Of course, it does help that Serpentine shapes facilitate ‘double-decanting’, the science I’ve been proud to develop for Riedel decanters.

”Like Riedel’s many other coiled decanters including the Eve, Mamba, Boa, and Titano Boa, the Evechen decanter “double-decants” wine, a technology developed by Riedel to accelerate the aeration of wine by the creation of a vacuum within the vessel. The rotation of the Evechen on its axis brings wines to full flavourprofile potential when decanted.

It will be priced at £495 and available from the Riedel website


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