Iceland Launches Gourmet Pizzas in Time for the Rugby World Cup

Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Low Res

With the Rugby World Cup kicking off on the 18th September, the nation is gearing up for weeks of sporting excitement as the nation gets ready to cheer on their heroes.  Iceland’s new pizza ranges are the perfect accompaniment to any rugby party as everyone gathers round the TV for a feast of sport coupled with some tasty pizzas.

With foodies getting all fired up about gourmet pizzas and endless pop-up restaurants appearing up and down the country, Iceland has announced the launch of a range of sensational pizzas, so that customers can enjoy that Italian restaurant taste from the comfort of their own home. The new styles available are the Italian Sourdough and Pizza Pala topped with a whole host of premium ingredients including Rocket Pesto and Nduja, a fiery soft pork sausage.

According to InsiderMonkey, the UK is the third largest consumer of pizza in the world behind USA and Norway, with 66% of UK consumers buying chilled or frozen pizza from a major retailer at least once a month (Technomic). Furthermore, Mintel announced in 2014 frozen pizza is bought more widely than chilled prepared pizza making Iceland’s premium product launch well placed to meet demand.

The Sourdough Pizzas are made in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains by a family-run business that has been making authentic Italian Pizzas for over 20 years. Using only the best ingredients including Italian crushed tomatoes, flour milled in the local village and mineral rich mountain water, they create the slow-rising ‘mother dough’ proved for 24 hours to produce a wonderful mellow flavour for the sough dough base.  An amazing depth of flavour is created by an exciting variety of toppings including ‘Goats Cheese and Pesto’ or ‘Spinach and Nduja’.  The bases have been cooked in traditional stone wood fired ovens which deliver that authentic flavour.

The quality of the Pizza Pala selection is evident in every mouthful and it transports you to the historical medieval village of Visso, in the Sibillini Mountains where it is made. Proofed dough is hand crafted and shaped to resemble the wooden paddle used to take the pizza in and out of the stone pizza oven, called the pala. The unique dough is left to rest for 24 hours before being hand stretched and then topped with the finest ingredients including Spicy Salami and Sweet Peppers, as well as Ham, Mushroom and creamy Mascarpone Cheese.

By using the #PowerofFrozen, Iceland has created these new pizza ranges that bring mouth-watering magic to the dinner table at unbelievably great value prices. Not only does freezing naturally lock in flavour and preserve the product at its peak of excellence but it also means that foodies literally have the world at their feet, with a rich and varied choice of ingredients right on the doorstep.

Nigel Broadhurst, Iceland Joint Managing Director says, “We are extremely pleased with our new pizzas and can’t wait for people to try them.  Our customers expect the highest quality available delivered in a cost effective way, and by using the power of frozen we have delivered just that.

At Iceland we always take pride in the quality and provenance of our food, and this product range is no different. We have responded to customer demand and produced what we believe to be exceptional and exciting additions to our existing award-winning pizza ranges.”

Full Pizza Range Includes:

  • Pizza Pala (Salami Picante with Sweet Peppers)
  • Pizza Pala (Rocket Pesto and Grilled Veg)
  • Pizza Pala (Ham, Mushroom and Mascarpone Cheese)
  • Margherita Sour Dough Pizza
  • Salami Sour Dough Pizza
  • Goats Cheese and Pesto Sourdough Pizza
  • Spinach and Nduja Sour Dough Pizza



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