Michelin Stars – The Ultimate Accolade For Chefs. But Do Diners Really Care?

With the publication of the UK Michelin Guide 2016 due out tomorrow, a new survey has revealed that the majority of Brits will ignore the results, preferring instead to ask their friends for tips or research online.

While the nation’s restaurateurs and chefs await the results with baited breath (Michelin results here 17 September ), the survey by Great British Chefs has shown that printed guides, including the Michelin Guide, tend to be low on the list when British diners are looking for help when deciding which restaurant to choose.

The survey revealed that personal recommendations remain vital, however, social media and websites, have eclipsed traditional guides and now play a major role when deciding where to eat. 52% of those surveyed said they visited websites to help make a decision and 18% used social media.

The survey also showed that there is confusion about how Michelin stars are awarded, with 67% of Brits admitting they didn’t know the criteria for gaining (or losing) stars.

Ollie Lloyd of Great British Chefs comments on the study –  “From our research it does seem that the traditional guide has had its day as people look elsewhere for recommendations. However, Michelin stars remain an important mark of quality and over 60% of those surveyed are interested in finding out who has gained and lost Michelin stars this year”.

Furthermore 54% of respondents said that they believed Michelin-starred restaurants are for formal occasion dining only. The majority age group who believed this was the 26-35 year olds with 60% agreeing with this statement, however the 56-65 year olds were not too far behind with 48% seeing Michelin-starred establishments as reserved for formal dining experiences.

Great British Chefs (www.greatbritishchefs.com) is an award-winning digital platform that champions over 100 premium chefs, showcasing thousands of recipes, with stunning photographs, how-to videos and award-winning apps. With a million site visits a month and 1.2 million followers on social media, Great British Chefs represents the go-to place for people to be inspired by the best chefs, their stunning recipes, learn how to cook their dishes and find out more about them.

About the research

The study canvassed the opinion of 2,000 UK adults in September 2015 and was commissioned by Great British Chefs


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