Prince Charles Brings Blossom to London’s Parks

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is supporting a campaign to restore the iconic Cherry Tree Avenue on Chester Road in London’s Regent’s Park. The campaign has been launched by the Royal Parks Foundation, the charity for London’s eight Royal Parks, of which Prince Charles is Royal Patron.

Nearly 40 years ago, Royal Parks’ gardeners planted 100 cherry trees along Chester Road in Regent’s Park, helping create a stunning horticultural display enjoyed by millions of visitors each spring. However, last February, those trees had to be removed having reached the end of their natural lifespan. The wood from the old trees will be recycled into bird boxes and other artefacts to go back into London’s green spaces.

The Royal Parks Foundation is now appealing to the public to make a gift or dedicate a new tree in time for 100 new Prunus Sunset Boulevard to be planted this November.

The Prince of Wales said “Historic avenues of trees are one of the things that make the Parks so special, which is why I am so pleased to support the Royal Parks Foundation’s vision to restore the Cherry Tree Avenue in The Regent’s Park. The proposed planting will bring pink tinted blossom in the Spring and yellow-golden leaves to lift the spirits every Autumn. I am sure the many visitors to the park will derive great pleasure from this changing spectacle of the seasons. I can only hope that you will feel able to support this splendid restoration in any way you can.”

The restoration is also backed by London Mayoral candidate, Zac Goldsmith MP who said “Trees are so important to London, and this restored avenue will not only brighten our own lives, it will provide nectar for pollinators and add valuable habitat to the Park.”

Ben Fogle, who also supports the campaign, said “I have travelled all around the world but there is nowhere more romantic than the Royal Parks in spring time. It’s where I met the love of my life and now we are handing that love of nature on to our children.”

Sara Lom, CEO Royal Parks Foundation is delighted that The Prince of Wales has spoken of his affection for the trees. “Thanks to generous supporters, more than 50 trees have already been dedicated and £100,000 raised which will not only help care for the avenue but also Queen Mary’s Gardens in years to come. We’d be delighted to hear from anyone who’d like to get involved.”

The tradition of planting cherry trees in Regent’s Park began in the 1930s, when Queen Mary’s Rose Garden was created with donations from the artist Sigismund Goetze. The last cherry tree was planted on Chester Road in 1978, and reached the end of its natural lifespan in February 2015, leaving the parks without these beautiful and iconic trees.

For more information on how you can support the Royal Parks Foundation’s Cherry Tree Avenue with a gift or sponsor one of the remaining cherry trees at £1776 each, visit:


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