Fine Food Specialist Cool Products & A Scholarship

Fine Food Specialist is the online destination for quality produce and hard-to-find ingredients – a haven for the daring and curious cook. They have scoured the globe for rare and exquisite gems, ranging from the finest British seasonal fare to the most sought after luxury delicacies.

Their online store now stocks over 2,000 products and, from their base in New Covent Garden Market in London, they provide a growing list of gourmands, chefs and die-hard foodies with the products they can’t find anywhere else.

Founded in 2010 by ex-chef Drogo Montagu, Fine Food Specialist has flourished in the past five years and are now a small company made up of devout foodies who are passionate about excellent ingredients. They believe in working with responsible producers to promote a legacy of sustainability. 

The company also operates a bursary, whose  aim is to engage culinary students with the role of food in history and social culture to further enhance their studies. A bursary of £1000 is awarded annually to one person who is pursuing a culinary education. The closing date for entries is 28th February each year. Apply for the bursary.

Here are some of the coolest products you’ll find on

Fresh Wild Morels


Morels can be surprisingly universal. Great with just a little butter and garlic, but also just as good (if not better) in a little red wine or red wine sauce. Try them in a morel mushroom quiche or a Swiss Rosti or perhaps simply as a cream of mushroom soup. The earthiness suggests autumn, but morels are a nice addition to the dinner table all year round. Buy fresh wild morels.

Green Shiso Leaves


Shiso makes a great natural plate for sashimi or as a leaf wrap for barbecued meats. The large leaves taste equally great when pickled as when they do chopped finely and spread over a nice roast or used in a herbaceous pesto. If you’re feeling adventurous, muddle the leaves with chili and sugar and serve over ice in a refreshing rum cocktail. Buy shiso leaves.

Orange Nasturtium Flowers


Who doesn’t love an edible flower? Add lovely nasturtium to the top of cakes or cupcakes or garnish cocktails with their pretty colors. Add them to salads for a dash of color or serve them on the side with lunch as a delightfully beautiful side dish.  Pretty much any entrée will easily embrace the beauty and delicate flavor of these lovely edible flowers. Buy nasturtium.

Candy Beetroot


If your children don’t like beetroot, trick them into eating it with this version. Candy beetroot is a clever and modern accompaniment to salads. Roast candy beetroot is a fresh twist on an old classic and mixes well with roast carrots and other veg. Or on a hot summer day, try tossing candy beetroot with dressing and quinoa or lentils for a light lunch and serve with a medium-bodied white. Buy candy beetroot.

Salmon Caviar


Go the traditional route and serve salmon caviar on blinis with sour cream. Or try tossing the caviar with pasta and creme fraiche. For a quick lunch, sprinkle on a jacket potato along with a healthy dash of butter and maybe some sour cream, or try serving with sushi rice and seaweed for a “make your own sushi” experience. Buy salmon caviar.

Check out the Fine Food Specialist  blog to ensure you make the most of their seasonal guides, special offers, best sellers, expertise, and delicious recipes! You can also follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter where you can keep on top of the latest food trends and interact. And if you know of someone pursuing culinary education, encourage them to apply for the Fine Food Specialist scholarship.


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