Meat, Meat, and More Meat?

Hello out there. I’ve just realised that I have yet to introduce myself here on this blog and just started rolling out the posts over the past month or so since I helped launch it with a couple of friends.

Anwya, I’m Chris. I’ve been blogging for almost a decade – mostly about food, drink and travel – and very much enjoy it. The ideas and opportunities are becoming almost too much and too often cover solely on my long running personal blog. Same has been the case with the Denise and Krista the other two contributors. So voila! Welcome to London Travel Drink Food.

One reason, it’s taken so long for me to give a proper howdy is that I’ve just been too darn busy enjoying all the BBQ and street food related opportunities that have been coming my way. Over the same time this blog was launched, I been learning how to make Buffalo wings, attending a rare chilli masterclass cohosted by London BBQ School and World of Zing; obtaining Kansas City Barbeque Society accreditation and sitting in as a KCBS judge at London’s first ever Grillstock BBQ festival … and more! And I’ve loved every juicy minute of it.

But the tastiest tidbit of them all has yet to have been pulled from the grill.

I’m working on an itinerary that’ll take me next month to some of the best BBQ joints in the American Deep South while hitting a couple of BBQ festivals along the way. Starting in Austin in mid October and then hitting the road to Dallas, Memphis and select pit stops across Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas, my odyssey will culminate on Halloween in Savannah (said to be the most haunted city in the States). There might be a break in the schedule to drop by and visit my family in North Georgia before flying back to London too. Hi Mom!

I’ve got a few commissions lined up for the trip and tons of ideas for making the most of my time. I. Cannot. Wait. And to be sure, I’ll be blogging loads about it. You might even see a post or two appear here on this site.

After my tour, I’ll probably want to go meat free for a while and will be happy to hunker down at home for a good, long spell. But eventually I’ll start craving some animal protein again and hankering another adventure. Odds are, my foodie desires will precede my wanderlust. With traders like Westin Gourmet, Online Butchers doing what they do via the internet and delivering what I want to my door my need travel might subside for longer than usual as I settle in for the festive season and cook up some winter warmers inspired by the memories of my journey.


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