No More Nachos: Experimental Gastronomes Give Guests a Multisensory Taste of Modern Mexico

One of the most unique points about Mexican cuisine is its recent inclusion on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, along with Japanese Washuko. Forget burritos and fiery hot chilli, Kitchen Theory is bringing its guests a refined and innovative taste of Mexico this October.

thumbnail (2)Following their highly successful Synaesthesia dining concept, Kitchen Theory is entering back into the field of innovative gastronomy with ‘Mexico’, a celebration of Mexican gastronomy, culture and art.

Experts in all things gastronomic, Kitchen Theory is aiming to shatter the UK perception that Mexican cuisine is mostly based on Tex-Mex by showcasing sophisticated Central American fare with a refined, modern, multisensory twist.

Founder and Michelin experienced chef, Jozef Youssef said, “Our focus is taking guests on a modern culinary and cultural sensory journey into Mexican gastronomy.

“There will be no sombreros or maracas. Having spent over a month in Mexico researching the country’s rich culinary history and working with top Mexican chefs we aim to give our guests the very best multisensory dining experience.”

Teaming up with Oxford University’s Professor Charles Spence and his cross modal lab, Chef Youssef is working towards a remarkable sensory dining experience as part of ‘the chef and the scientist’. The project is designed to change the way diners perceive food, forever.

Kitchen Theory guests will also be given the opportunity to opt for the culinary delicacy that is insects. Drawing on a 2013 report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, which said insects could be a sustainable food option that can boost nutrition. Kitchen Theory will subtly incorporate insects to enhance the flavours of a few dishes.

Specifically designed for a vegetarian audience and then reimagined for meat eaters, this multisensory menu has been developed in collaboration with the chefs at the University of The Cloister of San Juana, and cultural groups such as Greater Mexico and Street Art Chillango.

Youssef added, “Our aim is to introduce guests to what modern day Mexico signifies; its cuisine, art and rich culinary history all re-interpreted here in Great Britain. We hope that our guests leave with an appreciation of the influence Mexican culture has had on our own cuisine. Looking to the past and present allows us to change the way food is viewed in the future. “

Mexico by Kitchen Theory will begin on 01 October and run throughout till December. Lunch and dinner sittings are available.

To find out more about Kitchen Theory or to book visit the website at:


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