Krug Champagne Teams Up With Jazz Legend Jacky Terrasson For A One Night Only Dining Experience


The process of creating Krug Champagnes is at its heart a musical one. With Krug Grande Cuvée, the most original proposition of the House, Eric Lebel, Krug’s Cellar Master, aims to create a symphony of the greatest richness, bringing the best of what nature gives us in all its uniqueness through different years.

Krug Champagnes are lyrical. At Krug, each individual plot, and its wine, is considered to be a fine musician, contributing its own unique character and sparkle to a Krug Champagne. The Five Krug Champagnes express a variety of musical experiences, from the amazing soloists of the two Krug Clos Champagnes to an ensemble playing the music of the year with Krug Vintages and, finally, to over 120 wines playing the most complete symphony Champagne can perform with Krug Grande Cuvée. Another group of wines plays unexpected and delightful music with Krug Rosé.

Music is not just a metaphor for Krug; it extends beyond the creation of Krug Champagnes. Music speaks in a language that everyone can understand. It is a direct connection to the emotions, an experience of pure pleasure — not dissimilar to the pleasure of drinking Krug Champagnes.


“When I think of who Krug Lovers are,” says Olivier Krug, Director of the House and sixth generation of the Krug family, “I see that they are independent people, with unique personalities and buckets of self-confidence. They are lovers of contrast and paradox, creative people who seek enjoyment. They want an unforgettable experience, pleasure beyond perfection.”

In 2015, Krug has entered a remarkable collaboration with the reputed jazz pianist and Krug Lover Jacky Terrasson for a worldwide tour, featuring events in Berlin, San Francisco, Milan, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. The artist creates one-of-a-kind experiences in participation with renowned chefs, sharing their combined talents and innovative spirits, as a tribute to the House of Krug. Guests enjoy a unique musical journey with food that is as vanguard as Terrasson’s music, and Krug Champagnes.

“Usually musicians jam with other musicians,” says Jacky Terrasson, “but here I’m jamming with a great chef, and great Champagnes, and that’s exciting.”

The worldwide tour is arriving in London on 23rd September, with guests enjoying a spectacular musical dining experience from Jacky Terrasson, and Krug Ambassador and Michelin starred Chef, Andrew Fairlie. Awarded the prestigious title of Grande Chef du Monde by Relais & Chateaux, Fairlie is the Head Chef at Scotland’s only two Michelin-starred restaurant, Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles. The fantastic gastronomic dinner will comprise of a four-course meal, with Krug Champagne pairings for each course. The event will be taking place at Metropolis Studio and tickets are available for £500 from 2nd September. More information on


The collaboration between Krug and French-American jazzman Jacky Terrasson goes beyond the worldwide tour. Since 2014, Krug has invited musicians, whose vision is in kinship with the House, to pay a visit to the House in Reims and get to know its Champagnes in a more intimate way. Inspired by what they experience, they assemble exclusive playlists, choosing from their own existing works or that of other musicians to complement what they’ve tasted. The results are shared on the Krug App and on

Jacky Terrasson utterly immersed himself in this adventure, creating a playlist of the

following Music Pairings:

Krug Grand Cuvée – Count Basie & orchestra & Duke Ellington, Corner Pocket

Krug Rosé – Jacky Terrasson, Dance

Krug 2003 – Keith Jarrett, Vision

Krug 2000 – Herbie Hancock, Butterfly

Krug Clos du Mesnil 2003 – Ravel, Concerto in G Major for Piano and Orchestra

Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 2000 – Billie Holiday, God Bless the Child

Each piece pairs perfectly with each one of Krug’s Champagnes, not just in their inspiration at the source, but because of the alchemy that takes place between listening to music and the enjoyment of Krug Champagne.

The music we listen to greatly impacts our experience of a fine wine when we drink it. With this in mind, the Krug Music Pairings created with our selected family of artists are fantastic pairings of Krug Champagnes and sounds and melodies to enhance their unique character.

The tour is coming to London on 23rd September for one night only, being held at the Metropolis Studios, Europe’s best recording and mastering studio.

Tickets are available now for £500 per person.


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