Brioche Burger Serves Up Fresh Made, Halal Friendly Fare in Heart of London

A family run restaurant is bringing handcrafted cuisine to the heart of London with a tantalising burger menu, made fresh to order. With every item prepared and cooked daily, Brioche Burger is introducing East London locals to a new form of fare. All complemented by exceptionally friendly service, stylish yet comfortable surrounds and an ultra-convenient location in one of Stratford’s most popular shopping centres.

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Farhad Chowdhury, Managing Director said, “Our Secret is simple, amazing tasting food with service to match, and decor that makes you feel right at home.”

Unlike other run of the mill restaurants, Brioche Burger offers its diners a fully halal, HMC Certified menu. For London’s large Muslim demographic the establishment is a fantastic place to experience world class burgers that adhere to Islamic law.

Bursting with a myriad of flavours, the menu is inspired by the diverse multiculturalism of the British population.  From the classic American BBQ zing of the Mad Man, the Asian inspired spices of the Maharaja, the oriental zest of the Dirty Dozen wings, the Mediterranean aromas of the Rustic Chips and the Latino bite of the Macho Nachos, Brioche Burger treats diners to a kaleidoscope of global flavours.

Everything in the Brioche Burger kitchen is prepared and cooked daily, from the hand cut chips to the pressed patties. The philosophy is simple – fresh tastes so much better which is why nothing is ever frozen, reheated or pre-made days in advance. All elements are handcrafted by chefs, not cooks. This means that each order is approached with an utterly artisan attitude that evokes quality, pride and meticulous attention to detail.

As well as a commitment to freshly made fare, Brioche Burger ensures that it serves up the tastiest burgers in the capital by sourcing the finest local ingredients. Freshly ground British beef, Covent Garden vegetables, baked goods from a renowned artisanal bakery and homemade condiments such as the BBQ Sauce and Chilli Jam all play an integral role in the mouth-watering Brioche Burger experience.

Farhad Chowdhury, Managing Director said, “British produce is renowned for its quality across the globe. When we’ve got all this right on our doorstep, why would we source our ingredients from anywhere else?”

As well as serving up lunch and dinner, Brioche Burger has also created a scrumptious breakfast menu. Think crumbly English muffins, perfectly cooked free range eggs, chewy halloumi cheese and smoked salmon. Plus a pancake menu to die for, with listing such as Banana Pancakes (toasted broken pecans, warm butterscotch and fair-trade bananas) stealing the show.

Find Brioche Burger at East Shopping Centre, 232 Green St, London, E7 8LE

To find out more about Brioche Burger, browse the menu and make a booking, go to:



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